An ancient Catalan burg on the sea of north-western corner of the ancient land of Sardinia. An infinite variety of colours and landscapes, sun and year-round mild temperatures, stories and legends of ancient civilizations, the sound of the ancient Catalan tongue, the allure of sailing, the adventure of extreme sports and much more.

When you walk through Alghero, on its centuries old walls, among its distinctive narrow cobble-stone alleyways, you notice the particular allure that only a seaside city can have. A sea that is always there in the landscape and always at hand, a tourist port where next to large yachts can be seen the colours of the typical fishing boats for local fish; and among the shapes and colours of history, there is an of the infinite variety of places where you can relax and have a restorative break.

Among the cobble-stone streets of the historical centre, in the façade of the palaces, among the mullions and the walled in doors, is hidden the history, the image and identity of Alghero: Catalonia. It is Catalonia in the architectonic and urban details; it is Catalonia in the Catalan spoken by its inhabitants, which is an expression of a feeling of belonging and affinity with the motherland that is still so alive and vital.

In the streets of the old city, the most exclusive shopping district, you can find anything and everything, from the most internationally prestigious name brands, Italian prêt-à-porter, to the most well-known franchise brands, as well as exclusive Alghero coral jewellery made by Sardinian craftsmen.To satisfy your palate, there is no lack of local shops where you can purchase authentic local specialties from our local cuisine.

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